Glassical Heirlooms - Special Flower Preservation and Inspirational Gifts !

About Us

   Glassical Heirlooms is a family owned and operated gift manufacturing and retail company located in western North Carolina. This area has a tradition of excellent handmade items and our special flower pieces in stained glass continue this tradition.
Pat is the artist and designer; while Dave, a CPA, runs the business part of the company.
    The designs of many of the products have come about due to personal friends and family experiences. "We at Glassical Heirlooms take pride in the fact that our flower pieces and inspirational gifts are special! We use the most beautiful stained glass found in the world today to combine graceful, flowing designs, decorator colors, and sentiments that enable you to relate to our products in a personal way. The flowers in our flower pieces are your own flowers, so those pieces are a memory of the occasion and the person for wedding, anniversary, or funeral flowers. The inspirational gifts of our angels and other products allows you to give more than a gift, the products enable you
to express love, nurturing, support, and caring!"
    You or your gift recipient will be pleased with your selection from us. We have been satisfying our customers for over 25 years and look forward to adding you to our family of customers. To the many of you that have bought through the years we appreciate your support and encouragement.

Thank You! Pat and Dave Stanley

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